Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance

ORAU Awards 35 Research GrantsIncludes a grant from the AREA for AR in the workplace

Totaling $175,000, the competitive grants go to junior faculty at Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

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AR Safety InfographicEducational tool for enterprises

Designed by our Safety committee, the infographic is a guide to the safety risks of AR and the benefits of AR in the workplace.

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Free AR Heuristics Tool12 usability heuristics for AR and MR

Developed by our Human Factors committee, this online tool was designed to evaluate various aspects of AR/MR devices and applications.

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Free AR Requirements ToolPromotes User and Supplier Collaboration

This simple online program creates a set of contextualized and actionable requirements for Enterprise AR.

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12th AREA RESEARCH PROJECTWearable AR in Secure Environments

Our newest study focuses on the need for application-level authentication to ensure secure integration of AR elements.

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Augmented Reality offers the ability to visualize data and instructions overlaying digital assets in the real world in real time. This capability is delivering tremendous benefits to enterprises – increasing productivity, lowering costs, improving safety, enabling expertise to be shared more easily, and more. Organizations of all sizes across industries are taking advantage of AR to drive innovation, increase competitiveness, and accelerate business strategies.


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The AR for Enterprise Alliance provides the support organizations need to assess, plan, and manage their enterprise Augmented Reality projects. Our up-to-date resources and neutral, reliable guidance make the path to AR adoption surer, shorter, and smoother. In addition, the AREA works to build and strengthen the AR ecosystem by identifying opportunities and challenges, spearheading research, and facilitating dialogue among AR providers and enterprises.

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What's going on

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Upcoming Events

FutureTech Congress

BENGALURU, India Sep 2 2024

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IoT Tech Expo Europe

Amsterdam RAI Oct 1-2 2024

Powering the connected world with IoT IoT Tech Expo is the leading event for IoT, Digital Twins & Enterprise Transformation, IoT Security IoT Connectivity & Connected Devices, Smart Infrastructures & Automation, Data & Analytics and Edge Platforms.


Dubai Oct 14-18 2024

World’s largest tech & startup show.

Augmented Enterprise Summit

Dallas, Texas Oct 15-16 2024

Where enterprises go to innovate with XR.

AWE EU 2024

Vienna, Austria Oct 29-30 2024

Where XR Business Thrives.

Immersive Tech Week 2023

Rotterdam, Netherlands Dec 2-6 2024

Join us in Rotterdam to explore VR, AR, AI, haptics, Web4, and more. Connect with industry visionaries. Unlock boundless opportunities, new knowledge, and shape your tomorrow!

Latest Videos

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Fireside Chat: Inside the AR Center (ARC) at Oakland University

Maximizing the Impact of Immersive Technology in Education

Fireside Chat: Tangi Meyer, Dassault Systèmes, AR for Manufacturing – What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Fireside Chat: Breaking into the AR/XR Industry Through Training and Ecosystem Engagement

Fireside Chat: Real-Life Experiences Implementing Enterprise AR

Fireside Chat: AR Challenges and Progress at Toyota

Working together to drive AR forward

The AREA Members

What Members Are Saying

AREA Success Stories

The AREA is a thought leadership forum that we’re proud to be part of. Being a Contributor member allows us to engage constructively in industry discussions and receive feedback from other market leaders.

Vivek Aiyer Founder / Director - Appearition Pty Ltd

Our participation as an AREA charter member offers us options to reduce the barriers to AR adoption across our industry.

Paul Davies Associate Technical Fellow - Boeing

The world of AR is developing rapidly. It is very difficult for a single institution to stay fully abreast of an exponentially expanding sector. By connecting with the AREA, the AMRC with Boeing and Nuclear AMRC will have access to a single point of resource, enabling us to be better informed, and stay at the forefront of the technology.


The AREA unites the AR community with focus on the enterprise sector, in which we see the driver for growth and maturity of XR. We believe that Holo-Light can contribute to that eco-system with expertise in AR software development, engineering use cases and technology enabling the streaming of all XR applications.

Luis Bollinger Co-Founder - Holo-Light

At Iristick, we're passionate about creating wearables that truly meet industry needs. By participating in AREA we get the opportunity to work directly with customers and partners enabling us to create the best solution possible.

Johan de Geyter CEO - Iristick

We appreciate all the work, which has already been done in R&D and think that the combination of market insights of all members will bring us closer to mass adoption and rollouts in the enterprise sector.

Luis Bollinger Co-Founder - Holo-Light

At CrossComm, we believe Augmented Reality has the potential to transform how we interact with the world around us, but it will require the collective vision and collaboration of pioneers to determine practical solutions and best practices within this new computing paradigm. The AREA is a community that fosters such collaboration – and we are proud to be working alongside other members to see AR reach its fullest potential.

Don Shin President and CEO - CrossComm

The AREA is the place where we keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations in enterprise AR, from research & development to use cases and business models.

Vivek Aiyer Founder / Director - Appearition Pty Ltd

The activities throughout the year including workinars, committees, podcasts and events are a remarkable platform for all companies with interest in XR, not only giving us the chance to present ourselves, but also shape the future of XR. We see the AREA as a platform, cross-linker and companion in the world of XR and believe that we can achieve much more as a community.

Luis Bollinger Co-Founder - Holo-Light
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